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Sunday, June 2, 2013

reEMERGENT Cover Reveal and Excerpt

reEmergent Cover Reveal

And Excerpt

Release day June 10!

Xarrid Yarrister is barely surviving...he’s living a life in hell.
The love of his life, Saylan, has vanished into thin air, and his telepathic powers can’t connect with her mind.

Saylan, a Guardian of Vesturon, doesn’t know herself anymore. Kidnapped by the Xanthians, she’s had a robotic chip implanted in her brain and is now a prisoner in her own body, lacking free will, at the beck and call of her cruel masters. 

For over a year Xarrid has been on the hunt. The Guardians have searched everywhere for her, but when they finally bring her home, Xarrid discovers her memory is gone. He’s determined to restore his love’s mind back to its healthy state. Removing the chip can cost Saylan her life, but doing nothing will cause irreparable brain damage. What choice will Xarrid make and how steep of a price will Saylan have to pay?

And now for the EXCERPT

The female trudged through the streets of Atlanta, post-pandemic Atlanta, not focusing on anything but the back of the individual in front of her.  Her black hair was filthy and matted; her fingernails were ragged and torn with dirt caked beneath them.  The sooty streaks covered her skin, but if one took the time to look closely, they would have noticed that at one time she had been quite beautiful.  The vacant look in her eyes hid any kind of recognition, any kind of triggered memory that might exist, buried deep within her mind.

“Halt!” the commander yelled.

The line of workers came to a stop as they waited for their next orders.

“This is where we stop for the night.”

They were in front of a large empty warehouse in which the windows had been broken and the doors torn away.  The streets had been abandoned months ago, when the hemorrhagic smallpox disease had swept through the city, and then the country and finally the world, leaving millions of people dead in its wake.  That’s when they came...the Xanthians.  They came to take over Earth and make it their own.  She was part of their scheme, only she didn’t remember that.  She scarcely knew anything anymore. Her mind was now controlled by the nanochip they had implanted into her cerebral cortex.  It had taken over her brain and turned her into a minion.  She now belonged to them, doing exactly as they told her, without a thought of her own.

They entered the building and heard the rats scurrying away.  Rats and cockroaches...they’d survive anything, it seemed.  Many humans had been forced to start eating them to survive, for the food sources had quickly dried up and disappeared.  Unless you had a spot of land where you could plant something, you were out of luck.

“Number Five, get over here and give us a hand,” one of the Xanthian soldiers yelled.

The dark haired girl hurried over to assist him.  They were setting up this place as their new headquarters.  She was carting crates inside that they had just teleported from Xanthus, their home planet.  She had long ago lost her aversion to the Xanthians, when she lost her memory and everything that was herself.  She simply existed in her body, a shell, nothing more, nothing less.
The other minions set up pallets on the ground for everyone to sleep on and before long, darkness settled upon them.  They were handed their rations which they ate and drank and then were told to sleep.  It never occurred to them to do anything else, for they were minions, lacking the ability to think on their own.


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    1. Not necessarily Anna… but that's all I'm saying, haha! ;-)

  2. Beautiful excerpt! I can tell this one is going to be extremely deep! Can't wait for it to be available on Kindle!

    1. Thanks Nicole…I hope you love your boy Jurek in this one! :-)

  3. Oh, good lord, I still have to wait five days! O.O